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Pressure relief valve


Modelbody materialPMOsizeConnection mode
Type AE pressure relief valveSpheroidal graphite cast iron183/8"-2"Thread
Spheroidal graphite cast iron18DN25-DN200flange

The AE pilot control valve is specially designed for steam systems that require strict control of temperature and pressure. The series control valves are equipped with different types of pilot valves, which can be used to control temperature and pressure. Different pilot valves can be installed and removed on the regulating valve at any time.


AD type self force pressure relief valve is used to control the opening and closing of the valve body to adjust the flow of the medium, reduce the pressure of the medium, and adjust the opening of the open and close parts by the effect of the pressure after the valve. The pressure of the valve is kept in a certain range, and the pressure of the outlet is kept in the set model under the condition of the constant pressure of the import pressure. Inside, protect the subsequent production equipment.

Modelbody materialPMOsizeConnection mode
Type AD pressure relief valveSpheroidal graphite cast iron211/2"-2"Thread